Rules and Regulations 2024


These are designed to create a legally binding relationship in return for you being allowed to participate.

All riders who sign on at any Edge Offroad event, must read and agree to be bound by these rules and regulations, and, or any supplementary regulations or final instructions or licences – issued on the Edge Offroad website, on any social media and or page and or displayed at the Event Signing On marquee prior to the start.

Motorsport can be dangerous and may involve injury or death.

An Enduro (Cross Country, Hare and Hound, Any Form of Sprint Enduro, Endurance, Play Days and Extreme Enduro) are an off road event designed to test endurance.

Event Organisers reserve the right to refuse admission without assigning a reason. ALL competitors and support crew MUST attend the Event Safety Briefing at the start area prior to the event start.

All litter to be taken home with you!

All Marshals and Photographers MUST sign on at the “Event Signing On” marquee before they go out onto the course.



Despite the Organisers taking all reasonable precautions, unavoidable accidents can happen.

Please comply with all instructions from the Marshals and pay attention to the SIGNS/NOTICES, and remain in the Permitted Areas Only!!!!


Paddock Rules

Please park as instructed by staff on arrival at the venue. Park safely.

  • STRICTLY NO on the ground fires/BBQ’s at any events.
  • NO racing, stunts – including wheelies – in the paddock or any other areas before event start, during or after.
  • Check overnight camping availability on the Edge Offroad website or Facebook Group before setting off.
  • ALL litter must be taken home. DO NOT leave black refuse bags or rubbish bags in the paddock.
  • Please DO NOT drop litter on the ground, please take it home with you.
  • Dogs MUST be kept on a lead, and kept away from all on track activities AT ALL TIMES. Please clear up your own dog mess!
  • Generators should be switched off/on at a reasonable hour (not before 7am and no later than 10.30pm)
  • No loud music to be played after 9pm – have consideration for everyone else that is camping, especially the event staff!
  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Respect land owners land and any other items on site.
  • Abuse to any staff will lead to the person being removed from the venue.
  • Please do not drive above 5mph in the Paddock in your vehicle or on your bike – there is a 5MPH speed limit maximum for a reason – please respect that there are always children present at all Edge events.
  • Spectators DO NOT wander off onto the course at any time – please remain in the Spectator Areas.

During the Event

  • All Riders MUST Sign on, on official paperwork before starting to ride at any event.
  • For race days all machines MUST have clearly visible race numbers. No taped numbers – if your number/s are not clear for lap scoring, your laps will not be counted – this is your responsibility!
  • Blue Tape/Blue Fence Areas are strictly walking pace only. Failure to comply is disqualification.
  • Lap Scoring Area strictly walking pace. This is a Blue area.
  • Strictly NO SMOKING, no children and no dogs in the Pit Area at any time.
  • Engines MUST be switched off during refuelling. Failure to comply is disqualification.
  • Riders can ONLY refuel in the official refuelling area. Failure to comply is disqualification.
  • Riders are not allowed to change bikes during the event. If you do change bikes without consulting the Event Organiser, you will be disqualified.
  • Outside assistance is NOT permitted from anybody, for safety reasons, unless deemed to be an unsafe situation whereby only an official Edge Offroad marshal may assist. The only place you are allowed assistance is in the Pits for refuelling.
  • Riders with broken exhausts during an event MUST repair immediately.
  • Noisy bikes will not be allowed to start. Note: Enduro Noise level 112dba.
  • Rider/Competitor intimidation will not be tolerated.
  • Abusive behaviour, foul language or bad behaviour towards Spectators and Marshals – Instant Season Long Ban.
  • Abusive behaviour, foul language or bad behaviour towards Edge Offroad Management – Life Time Ban.
  • Course cutting will NOT be tolerated – anyone caught course cutting, or can be proven to have cut the course with photographic evidence, will be dealt with immediately by the Event Organiser. Failure to comply is at least one lap deduction, maximum disqualification.
  • Helmet, Boots and appropriate clothing are compulsory – these MUST be worn by any riders competing. We also advice goggles, body armour, gloves, knee braces and other safety equipment.
  • Short sleeve shirts are not allowed.
  • Pressure washers with detergent are not allowed. Environmental code of practice. No exceptions. Failure to comply is disqualification.
  • Remember to collect all items from the pits before leaving the venue. Your belongings are not the responsibility of the Organiser.
  • Unless instructed to do so by a Marshal or an Official, any rider who attempts to overtake in Blue tape or the Lap Scoring area will have 1 lap removed from their results.
  • In case of bike failure on the course, please park in a safe place away from the flow of riders.
  • Our Lap Timing System is Transponders, a deposit of £20 will be required at signing on. These transponders must be returned before you leave any event. Numbers still need to be on your bike for our back up system. No exceptions. The system takes an image of every single rider, every single lap.
  • Chequered Flag = Event Finish.
  • Red Flag = Event Stopped.
  • Black Flag = Rider Disqualification.
  • Green Flag = Event Start
  • Yellow Flag = Incident/Accident – SLOW DOWN – LISTEN TO MARSHALS INSTRUCTIONS!
  • Crossed Orange Arrows = Caution! Slow Down!
  • Blue Tape = Walking Pace – this might be at Lap Scoring or at a footpath crossing – this is for your own safety!
  • All dogs to be kept on leads at ALL times.
  • Foul language is not acceptable on the track.
  • Spectators DO NOT wander off onto the course at any time – please remain in the Spectator Area.

Do’s and Don’ts at Edge Offroad events.   

  • You can change wheels during the event.
  • You can use fast fill fuel cans.
  • You can stop on track for a rest. (Only in a safe, clearly visible place).
  • You can ask marshals, officials & staff for advice and help. They are all there to help and assist you.
  • ALL RIDERS MUST sign on before taking machine to start area.
  • If a rider runs outside the course markers, they MUST return to the track in the same place.
  • If the track tape goes down, you must continue to follow the arrows.
  • You CAN NOT change bikes without the organisers permission.
  • You CAN NOT ride with passengers on bikes.
  • You CAN NOT cut the course no matter how difficult the track becomes.
  • You CAN NOT travel on the course in the wrong direction.
  • You CAN NOT ride whilst under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs.
  • Children under the age of 16 are NOT allowed in the Pit Area.
  • There is a strict NO SMOKING policy in the PIT AREA. If anyone (RIDER OR CREW) is caught in the PIT AREA smoking the RIDER will be instantly disqualified from the days event – NO REFUND will be given. You will be asked to remove yourself from the PIT AREA, if that person then becomes abusive towards our member of staff, then the RIDER will be banned from the club for ONE YEAR. This is a serious offence, and a breach of our health and safety policy, it is not acceptable, no excuses.
  • Spectators DO NOT wander off onto the course at any time – please remain in the Spectator Area.

Event Notes.       

  • Results are LIVE on the Edge Offroad App throughout each event, and will remail on there for at least 48 hours after the event, under the “Live Results” tab.
  • Official results will then be on the Results tab on the App and website.
  • Trophy presentation takes place after the event has been closed by an Official Edge Offroad marshal. This will take place at Event Signing On at all events.
  • Timing systems run to the race duration, not the lead rider approaching race duration .i.e. if you pass through lap scoring with 1 second remaining you must complete one more full lap to be classed as a finisher. This lap will be added to your overall tally.
  • Championship points can only be allocated to Registered Members of Edge Offroad – if you do your Membership after the season has started, points CAN NOT be back dated.
  • ENTRY FEES CAN NOT BE REFUNDED WITHIN 72 HOURS OF AN EVENT (i.e. anytime from Thursday 8.30am onwards no refunds)
  • If you have prepaid and are ill, we need a doctor’s note/letter to cover the same.
  • If the rider’s bike fails him/her, this is no fault of the Organisation – no entries carried over and no refund.
  • If a rider does not “like” the weather conditions, NO ENTRIES WILL BE CARRIED OVER OR REFUNDED – PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR THIS TO HAPPEN!
  • Spectators DO NOT wander off onto the course at any time – please remain in the Spectator Area.

2023 Classes

Main Championship

Youth 1.5  Hour Event

Junior                       Auto’s & 65cc.

Youth Girls                65cc, 85/125 2 Stroke, 150cc 4 Stroke – Small Wheel, 85/150 Big Wheel, 125cc, 150cc + 150cc 4 stroke Big wheel.

Youth B                    85/125 2 Stroke, 150cc 4 Stroke – Small Wheel.

Youth A                    85/150 Big Wheel, 125cc, 150cc + 150cc 4 stroke – Big wheel.

(Youth Entry Fees apply – Members £35 pre-booked. Non Members pre-booked £45. Day Entries carry a surcharge of £10).

Adult Event – 2 Hours

Youth AM, Novice/Beginner, Sportsman, Sportsman Vets, Over 50, Ladies, Premier, Expert, Clubman & Masters.

(Adult Entry fees apply Members £50 pre-booked. Non Members pre-booked £60. Day Entries carry a surcharge of £10).

For the Borilli National Endurance Series, the Eurotek National Extreme Series and Monsters of Dirt National Sprint Series please see the “Contact Us” page on the website for further details.

PLAY DAYS – These will be £40 for MEMBERS, £50 for NON MEMBERS – PRE BOOKED. Day Entries carry a £10 surcharge. An Event Licence is now required for Play Days.

The Parent/Guardian has to sign an indemnity before the event starts for any Youth event, stating the rider is fit and able to take part.

  • The Parent/Guardian must satisfy themselves by walking the track prior to event start, that they are entirely satisfied with the layout and track conditions & that the rider is competent & able to negotiate the entire circuit. By signing on, a parent/guardian will have accepted these conditions.
  • The Parent/Guardian must accompany a minor entrant to an event and will remain on site for the duration of time the rider is present at the venue.
  • A participant has to be 17 years old or under to ride in the Youth classes, but can be 15 years or over to ride in the Adult classes.
  • ALL Junior riders have to have a Chaperone for the full duration of the event.
  • ALL Junior riders have to have a lanyard fitted to the bikes to stop the engine in case of a tumble.
  • Any Youth A or B rider that wants to have a Chaperone to improve their confidence, please speak to the Event Organiser.
  • All riders get the right to agree or disagree to photos being taken of them riding whilst at an Edge Offroad event – this information is on the official Entry Form at Signing On.

Track Layout 

  • The track will be marked with track tape and bright orange arrows which denote the direction of the course.
  • Any boundaries and/or prohibited areas will also be marked with track tape. It is a condition of any rider who takes part to stay within the marked boundaries. Any non-moveable objects which may prove to be an obstacle will be marked with bright coloured paint.
  • Crossed orange markers will be used to warn riders of any cautions, hazards/dangerous obstacles.
  • The course will be inspected by the Event Organiser/Secretary/Safety Officer and/or Chief Marshal prior to the start of the event.
  • Warning notices will be placed in all Official Spectator Areas.
  • Before the start of each event, an event briefing will take place to inform all competitors about the nature of the track, rules for the day, start procedure, refuelling / pits and lap scoring procedure. At most events we are more than likely to have new riders who have never competed before. This briefing takes place at the start of any event at the starting point, 15 minutes prior to the start of your event, and you must remove your helmet for this. Please make sure your helmet is fastened properly before the start of the event.
  • It is the responsibility of the rider to proceed at a speed adequate to their individual ability.
  • Practicing on the course before or after the event is strictly prohibited.
  • The Child Protection policy of the governing body will apply at all events.
  • Any complaints / queries / protests MUST be brought to the attention of the Event Director/Clerk of the Course on the day of the event within 30 minutes of the Provisional results being released. Results remain provisional for 48 hours. Anyone wishing to contest them must contact the Secretary of the Meeting, in writing, with the sum of £100.
  • Event Control, Event Secretary, Medical Personnel, Club Marshals, Clerk of the Course, Lap Scoring and the Chief Marshal are in constant radio contact throughout the whole event.
  • A number of travelling marshals will be on the course during each event to ensure all parts of the course are covered and patrolled in the event of any accident.
  • The organisers provide a 4×4 vehicle which is available to recover bikes and/or riders from hard to reach locations. Only Edge Offroad Marshals/Officials are allowed to drive these vehicles.
  • The Green Flag will denote the start of each race event.
  • The Yellow Flag denotes an incident / accident. Failure to listen to any Medical Personnel or Event Marshals will result in rider disqualification. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • If the RED flag is waved at any time during an event, riders must stop immediately and await further instructions from Officials.
  • If a rider is shown the black flag they must stop immediately and be escorted from the track by an Official.
  • When the chequered flag is shown this is the end of the event, at this point competitors must return to the paddock observing paddock rules and or signs.


  • Anyone wishing to take photographers at Edge Offroad events must produce their Public Liability Insurance before they sign on. We shall keep this on file at all events. Minimum £2,000,000 cover required.
  • ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS HAVE TO SIGN ON AND USE AN EDGE OFFROAD Hi Viz vest before going out onto the course.
  • All riders get the right to agree or disagree to photos being taken of themselves whilst at an Edge Offroad event – this information is on the official Entry Form at Signing On.


  • Club Membership ranges from £35 to £60.
  • IOPD 2023 Annual Licence is £25
  • All Prices for Entries are on the websites “Contact Us” page
  • Day Entries hold a surcharge of £10.
  • You can pay by Bank Payment, PayPal or Cash on the Day at most events.
  • If an event is postponed by the club, and you have paid, your entry fee will be carried forward to the next event only or if you can’t attend the next event, it is your responsibility to let the club know – if you don’t then the monies will be forfeited.
  • IOPD Event licences ONLY are accepted.
  • If you don’t hold an annual 2023 licence you MUST buy a One Day Event Licence OR an annual IOPD licence, NO exceptions.
  • Any licence produced by a rider must be in date otherwise a Day/Annual Licence will have to be purchased – NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Photos of licences are not accepted.
  • Any subsequent written instructions and/or entry forms shall have the same force as these standing regulations and supplementary regulations which may be issued in hard copy and/or via the club website and the Facebook group and page.
  • Edge Offroad reserve the right to alter/amend these rules and regulations without giving prior notice.


Edge Offroad will only accept positive use of its social media page and group including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and any other Social Media platforms. These pages are not to be used for grievances or complaint procedures. Edge Offroad reserve the right to remove any derogatory comments aimed at Edge Offroad and/or its Marshals/Officials, its partners and customers participating in its events. Our social media pages are a celebration of Offroad Motorcycling and the nature of their content must reflect this.

Over the course of the season there may be circumstances or issues that concern you and you may wish to discuss these with us. Any rider/parent/child who is dissatisfied with any aspect of their experience with Edge Offroad can voice their concerns:

  • By arranging a meeting with the owner of Edge Offroad
  • Via email or telephone

We encourage openness and invite all customers to come and speak to us in private if you feel necessary.

All conversations will be confidential and issues arising will be kept private.

Event Mobile:-      07557 447084

You can contact the Club via two email addresses:-  [email protected] or [email protected]

The overall aim is for you all to enjoy yourselves on your day off, stay safe and have fun – so though we have rules and regulations in place, this is standard procedure and to protect you, the customer. Your Safety is our Priority.




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